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  Employers Want Skilled Employees - Employers look for good communication skills, teamwork, determination, ambition, analytical abilities... (Read more.)
  Improve Your Skills and Improve Your Paycheck - Getting into a training program to polish your skills is a win-win idea if you want to make progress in your career. (Read more.)
  How to Know When to Seek Additional Training - Even if you're happy with your current job, you can always seek a bigger paycheck if you've received training to improve your skills. (Read more.)
  Night School for Job Training - These days, going to night school for job training is not unusual, especially for those with an active daytime schedule. (Read more.)
  Examples of Salary Increases Possible After Job Training - With good skills giving you a boost, you are more likely to be compensated well. (Read more.)
  Top Trends in Today's Job Market - The trends that are observed in the job market today are quite different from those popular a few years years ago. (Read more.)
  Do You Really Need A Degree? - Keep an open mind, and remember the most important thing employers want are well-trained employees. (Read more.)
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